Seraphin Kuate

Food and Drug Administration, USA

Seraphin Kuate received her Ph.D. degree in molecular virology/immunology in 2002 at the Ruhr University Bochum, Bochum, Germany, in the laboratory of Prof. Dr. Klaus Ueberla, where she carried out extensive work on the design, characterization, and production of simian-immunodeficiency-virus- (SIV-) and human-immunodeficiency-virus- (HIV-) based viral vectors for gene transfer and immunization. She developed and optimized several vaccination approaches, including single cycle immunodeficiency virus (SCIV) vaccines, modified-virus-like-particle- (VLP-) based vaccines, and exosome-based vaccines. During Postdoctoral Fellowship in the same laboratory, Kuate extensively worked on the design, construction, and characterization of adenoviral vectors (replication competent and replication defective) for HIV/SIV vaccines. In 2007, she obtained a CRTA Fellowship for the research on HIV vaccines at the National Cancer Institute, where she worked on the characterization on cell and antibody-mediated immune responses elicited by replication-competent adenoviral vectors-based HIV vaccine candidates. In 2008, Kuate obtained her M.S. degree in epidemiology, focusing on the epidemiology of infectious diseases. In 2010, she joined the commissioner’s fellowship program at the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) where she has been receiving hands-on training as CMC (chemistry, manufacturing, and control) reviewer of clinical protocols submitted to FDA.

Biography Updated on 2 January 2013

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