Richard Pipe

Marine Biological Association, United Kingdom


Richard Pipe gained his Ph.D. degree, on aspects of internal defence in mussels, Mytilus edulis, from the University of Wales, Swansea. He was employed at the Institute for Marine Environmental Research from 1976 until the formation of the Plymouth Marine Laboratory in 1988. He was appointed at the Marine Biological Association (MBA) in 2001. Dr. Pipe is currently a Curator of the Plymouth Algal Culture Collection at the MBA. The Collection is one of the oldest collections in the world and was established by E. J. Allen and E. W. Nelson in ~1908. The Collection consists of ~500 strains from over 80 genera, including some 40 type cultures. The Collection operates as a research facility, offering specialist help in isolation, culture, and maintenance of marine microalgae for the wider international marine scientific community. A summary of Pipe's research interests includes the following: harmful algal blooms; halotolerant algal species; effects of toxic microalgae on marine invertebrates; development of culture techniques for marine microalgae; the effects of environmental change, including anthropogenic factors, on disease susceptibility in marine species. He has other activities, such as being an Invited Keynote Speaker at a Symposium on Algal Biotechnology and Cultivation—A Nordic Perspective, November 2010, Chalmers University of Technology Göteborg, Sweden; an ESF Invited Lecturer at conference on The Impact of the Environment on Innate Immunity, Austria, May 2009; a Guest Lecturer in immunotoxicology, University Brest, France, March, 2004. Pipe is also on the Editorial Board of Malacologia and Invertebrate Survival Journal.

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