Daniela Manno

University of Salento, Italy


Daniela Erminia Manno, Associate Professor at University of Salento, principally develops research activity in the field of the Experimental Physics in Material Science. By studying the interaction of nanoparticles with living cells (from simple bacteria to mammalian cells), she aims to achieve a better understanding of nano-bio interaction mechanisms. This study is aimed towards the development of new technologies for the diagnosis and therapy, the safety of human health and the environment. His main occupation involves the synthesis, the structural and morphological characterization and applications of nanostructured systems. Between the materials that up to now it has characterized it is right to include the carbon based nanostructured materials (diamond-like, carbon nanotubes ...), metal oxides (MOX) thin films, hybrids organic-inorganic structure. This research activity, like documented from his scientific banns, allowed her to get remarkable results in the field: 1. Morphological and structural analysis at atomic level by high resolution trasmission electron microscopy (HRTEM) 2. Crystallographic structure identification and characterisation of extended defects in materials by electron nanodiffraction methods (selected area diffraction - SAD, convergent beam electron diffraction - CBED) 3. Surface analysis and major and minor element identification by scanning electron microscopy and dispersive x-ray microanalysis (SEM- EDX), both in conventional and in low-vacuum mode In addition, she is lecturer of "physics applied to biotechnology" and "physical methods for diagnosis and therapy" and also responsible of “Physics Applied to Material Science Laboratory (PAMS)" of DiSTeBA - University of Salento.

Biography Updated on 28 May 2013

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