Giovanni Palumbo

Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, Italy


Giovanni Palumbo, was born in Napoli (Italy), April 20th, 1945. He received the Organic Chemistry Degree in Chemistry (1971), University of Napoli Federico II; Assistant Professor of Organic Chemistry (1975-1984), Associate Professor of Organic Chemistry (1985-2000), Full Professor of Organic Chemistry (2001-on), University of Napoli Federico II. 1983 he was visiting Professor Ècole Polytechnique-Palaiseau-Paris (France) 2000-2006 he was head of Department of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Napoli Federico II 2007-on he is head of Centro Interdipartimentale di Metodologie Chimico Fisiche (CIMCF) of University of Napoli () Main research fields: - Chemistry of natural products: Terpenes and Steroids, structure and synthesis - Synthetic organic chemistry: New synthetic methodologies, asymmetric synthesis, synthesis of non-natural Amino acids and homo-beta-amino acids, synthesis of sugars, synthesis of sugar mimics, synthesis of nucleoside analogues with anti-cancer and anti-HIV activity, synthesis of nucleotides analogues. Organisational Duties: 1972-on Member of the Italian Chemical Society; 1985-on Member of the American Chemical Society; 1984-1986 he was secretary of IASOC Conference; 1986-2004 Member of Organizing Board; Member of the “Consiglio Scientifico del Centro Interdipartimentale di Metodologie Chimico-Fisiche” (CIMCF) (2000-2001), University of Napoli Federico II. Project Manager of eco-auditing/land reclamation programmes funded by Regione Campania (Lake Averno 1996-1997). Project Manager of project “Synthesis of new enantiopure nucleoside-analogues, potential drugs for AIDS” funded by Regione Campania (1999) Project Manager of project “Synthesis of new antitumoral and antiinflammatory drugs” funded by Regione Campania (2003)

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