David M. Penetar

Harvard Medical School, USA


David M. Penetar, a holder of a Ph.D. degree, is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Psychiatry at the Harvard Medical School. For 30 years, he has applied his training and expertise in psychopharmacology, psychological study design and methods, and human investigational techniques to conduct research to solve medical and behavioral problems associated with medication use and drugs of abuse. His current research at McLean Hospital assesses medications as potential pharmacotherapies for drug dependence and uses brain imaging techniques to assess drug effects. These clinical studies involve laboratory and outpatient evaluations of current and investigational medications for their ability to reduce cravings, block the physiological effects, and ultimately reduce the use of psychoactive addictive drugs. A major effort is directed at evaluating traditional herbal compounds for their ability to reduce alcohol consumption. A second area of emphasis explores sleep deprivation effects as a method of understanding sleep homeostatic processes and its interaction with drug abuse problems such as cue sensitivity, cravings, and withdrawal effects.

Biography Updated on 31 May 2012

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