Sakir Amiroudine

Université Bordeaux 1, France

Sakir Amiroudine has recently got a position as a Full Professor at the University of Bordeaux1, Talence, France. His undergraduate was in mechanics (Paul Sabatier University, Toulouse, France, 1989), and his graduate research (M.S. degree from the Center for Microgravity and Materials Research (CMMR), University of Alabama in Huntsville, Ala, USA, 1992) involved problems related to crystal growth under residual acceleration in space. His Ph.D. degree concerned numerical modeling of heat and mass transport in supercritical fluids with a CNES grant (French Space Agency) at the University of Aix-Marseille II, France. His main research activities involved different topics related to fluid dynamics: thermal instabilities in supercritical fluids, and thermovibrational instabilities in supercritical and miscible fluids. He has been the chief scientist of many research and industrial contracts and the Principal Investigator of the National French Research Group CNES/CNRS in the topic of "Transport phenomena and phase transitions in microgravity." Amiroudine has been involved in a very recent topic which concerns the spectral analysis (low-dimensional chaos) of vortex shedding around bluff bodies which he developed with a grant obtained for a postdoctoral fellow. His current research objectives in the laboratory I2M are the following: modeling of critical opalescence, porous medium saturated with supercritical fluid (applications in petroleum and environmental industry), and electroosmotic flows in microfluidic systems (applications to pharmaceutical industry and all fields related to microchips). He is the author of around 30 refereed publications. Amiroudine has also been the author of a chapter in the book Lecture Notes in Physics (Springer-Verlag, 1996). He teaches fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, turbomachinery, and heat and mass transport, as well as numerical methods classes to undergraduate and graduate students. He has recently published a book in fluid mechanics (September 2011, Dunod Editor).

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