Thomas H. Kunz

Boston University, USA

Thomas H. Kunz is a Professor of biology and Director of the Center for Ecology and Conservation Biology at Boston University. His research focuses on the ecology, behavior, evolution, and conservation biology of bats. He is the author or coauthor of over 200 publications and is the editor of Ecology of Bats (Plenum Press, 1982) and Ecological and Behavioral Methods for the Study of Bats (Smithsonian Institution Press, 1988); and coeditor of Bat Biology and Conservation (Smithsonian Institution Press, 1998), Bat Ecology (University of Chicago Press, 2003), Functional and Evolutionary Ecology of Bats (Oxford University Press, 2006), and the 2nd edition of Ecological and Behavioral Methods for the Study of Bats (Johns Hopkins University Press, in press). He is an elected Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Past-President of the American Society of Mammalogists, and a recipient of the Gerrit S. Miller Jr. Award for outstanding research on bats and the C. Hart Merriam Award for outstanding contributions to the discipline of mammalogy. His current research focuses on assessing the ecological and economic impact of Brazilian free-tailed bats on agroecosystems and the influence of environmental factors on the prevalence of rabies in two species of North American insectivorous bats. He has conducted field research in North America, Costa Rica, Ecuador, India, Malaysia, and the West Indies. He had developed numerous methods for the ecological and behavioral studies of bats and has recently pioneered applications of thermal infrared imaging in ecology and behavior.

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