Nicolas Degallier

Laboratoire d'Océanographie et du Climat, Expérimentation et Approches Numériques, France

Nicolas Dégallier, born 25/04/1947, is a Medical Entomologist at the Research Institute for Development of France since 1975. He worked in Brazil from 1983 to 1995 and from 1996 to 2003 as a Project Coordinator and also coordinated various international projects and participated in many expert groups in the French Guiana, Central African Republic, Brazil, and Europe (project CLARIS). He is a reviewer for many scientific periodicals, e.g., Boletim C Museu Paraense Emilio Goeldi, Series Zoologia (Belém, Brazil), SEMINA (Londrina, Brazil), Revista de Saúde pública (São Paulo, Brazil), and Neotropica (Plata, Argentina). He is also an advisor for M.S. and Ph.D. theses and responsible for many training courses. He has been working on the epidemiology and ecology of vector-borne viruses, mainly yellow fever and dengue fever since 1976. His experience covered many aspects of the ecology of mosquito vectors, transmission of arboviruses, and prevention of epidemics in French Guiana, Central Africa, and Brazil. More recently, he studied the relationships between the climate and the transmission of dengue by mosquitoes, and he is currently developing projects with the Brazilian Ministry of Health in Brasília, Rio de Janeiro, and Fortaleza. He has been honoured with medals from the Institute Evandro Chagas in Belém, Brazil in 1986 and in 1996.

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