Edward E. Eyler

University of Connecticut, USA


Edward E. Eyler received his Ph.D. degree from Harvard University in 1982 with Professor Francis Pipkin's Experimental Atomic Physics Group, after receiving an S.B. degree in physics from M.I.T. in 1977. After a brief postdoctoral study, he joined the faculty at Yale University, subsequently moving to the University of Delaware in 1989, and finally to the University of Connecticut in 1995, where he is a Professor of physics. He is a Fellow of the American Physical Society, and has been involved in numerous activities with the DLS and DAMOP Divisions of the APS as well as the Topical Group on Precision Measurement and Fundamental Constants, for which he has served on the Executive Committee and has chaired the Nomination Committee, the Education Committee, and the Pipkin Prize Committee. Dr. Eyler has also been active in the Optical Society of America, particularly on conference organizing committees. His research spans several areas of experimental atomic, molecular, and optical physics. A career-long interest in precise laser spectroscopy of atomic helium and molecular hydrogen has included measurements of ionization energies, detailed studies of Rydberg state structure, and the best determination to date of the dissociation energy of H2. This work has led to a continuing interest in new techniques for producing and characterizing narrow-band far-UV laser radiation, most recently in the form of a collaboration with Dr. Jun Ye of JILA on spectroscopy using UV femtosecond frequency combs. In a separate collaborative project at UConn, Professor Eyler is involved in research on ultracold molecules formed by photoassociation in magneto-optical traps. He also studies the interactions and dynamics of ultracold gases of Rydberg atoms, in collaboration with Professor P.L. Gould.

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