Ticijana Ban

Institute of Physics, Croatia

Position: Research Advisor at Institute of Physics, P. O. Box 304, HR-10 000 Zagreb, Croatia Phone: +385 1 4698 865 Fax: +385 1 4698 889 e-mail: ticijana@ifs.hr, web-site: http://projekt2.ifs.hr/ban/ban25.htm Education: • 1991- 1997 The Faculty of Mathematical and Natural Sciences, Physics Department University of Zagreb: Diploma work (B. Sc) in July 1997: Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy of the Lithium Vapor, supervisor Dr.Sc. G. Pichler • Master thesis (M.Sc.) on atomic and molecular physics at the University of Zagreb in March 2000: Photoassociation of Cesium Atoms, supervisor Dr.Sc. G. Pichler • PhD thesis (Dr.Sc.) on atomic and molecular physics at the University of Zagreb in January 2003: Photoassociation and Photodissociation of Alkali Molecules, supervisor Dr.Sc. G. Pichler Professional career: • 1998-2000, Junior Scientific Assistant (PhD student, M.Sc. degree) • 2000-2003, Scientific Assistant (PhD student, Dr.Sc. degree) • 2003-2004, Senior Scientific Assistant (post-doc) • 2004-2007, Research Associate • 2007-2012, Senior Research Associate • 2012- Research Advisor Areas of Expertise: • Experimental atomic and molecular physics (techniques: white-light absorption spectroscopy, laser absorption spectroscopy, diode lasers, femtosecond lasers, optical frequency comb spectroscopy, cavity enhanced frequency comb spectroscopy, laser cooling of atoms) • Analytical (mathematical analysis and statistics, numerical computation) • Computer (Windows OS, MS Office, Origin, Matlab, Mathcad, Labview, Fortran)

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