Davey Jones

Bangor University, United Kingdom


D. L. Jones is a Professor of soil and environmental science at Bangor University. Previously, he was a Postdoctoral Fellow at Cornell University and a Ph.D. student at Oxford University. A main research area of his is focused on understanding the interactions between plant roots and soil microbial communities, with a special emphasis on phosphorus and organic nitrogen use. This involves work in temperate, tropical, and polar environments. Another major research focus of Professor Jones is investigating carbon dynamics in grassland and forest soils in a climate change context. This work uses isotopic tracing techniques to gain a mechanistic understanding of carbon fluxes and pools in plant-soil systems with an aim to quantifying the sources and sinks for greenhouse gases in agricultural systems. Professor Jones also works extensively on waste management with emphasis on the human health aspects of farm wastes (e.g., human pathogen flow in the environment) and the economic, environmental, and health impacts of nonfarm wastes (e.g., biosolids, compost, MSW). In 2007, the research group moved to the new Environment Centre for Wales which is cofunded by NERC. This facility has the state-of-the-art metabolomic and proteomic analytical facilities on the molecular ecology floor alongside the new stable and radioactive isotopic analytical facilities. Jones has advised on a number of government committees, is the Head of the International Rhizosphere Scientific Committee, and runs a vibrant research group. Over the last 15 years, Professor Jones has published 162 peer-reviewed papers in international journals of which 33 have been cited more than 50 times. Although he lectures regularly to under- and postgraduate students, he has presented at conferences worldwide and given a range of keynote speeches at international conferences. He currently manages a team of three technicians, 3 postdoctoral researchers, and 9 Ph.D. students.

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