James Nieman

Pfizer, Inc., USA

James Nieman was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in 1968. He received both his Bachelors of Science and Ph.D. (Organic Chemistry) from the University of Calgary (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) in 1991 and 1997, respectively. James moved to the University of British Columbia (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada) for postdoctoral studies on the optimization of hemiasterlin as a novel antimitotic and cytotoxic agent. The result of his work, the discovery of SPA110 (later renamed HTI-286 and then taltobulin), was licensed by Wyeth and taken into clinical trials. The publication detailing this work won the 2002 Schwarting award. James then moved to industry to initially assume a postdoctoral position at Pharmacia and Upjohn and subsequently transferred to a Senior Research Scientist position in the same organization. During James Nieman’s twelve years in industry (Pharmacia/Pfizer/NAEJA), he has focused on pre-clinical drug discovery in multiple therapeutic areas growing his role from a Laboratory Lead to Medicinal Chemistry Lead to Project Coordinator/Group Leader. Over that time he has played a leadership role on project teams that have discovered three clinical candidates (most recently AN3365 or GSK’052) and were awarded two Pfizer team awards. Besides contributing as an author or co-author to publications seen below, James is also an inventor on 25 patents and patent applications.

Biography Updated on 14 April 2011

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