Simona Mrakic-Sposta

Institute of Bioimaging and Molecular Physiology, National Council of Research (CNR), Italy


Simona Mrakic-Sposta is a biotechnologist and received the Ph.D. degree in molecular medicine. Mrakic-Sposta is a Post Hoc Researcher of molecular medicine at the Institute of Bioimaging and Molecular Physiology, Italian National Council of Research, Rome, Italy. Mrakic-Sposta research topics include free radicals (reactive oxygen species) productions in biological samples (in vivo and in vitro by human and animals) by electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) technique in physiological (at rest in basal condition, during exercise) and pathological conditions (i.e., neurological disease, muscle disease); oxidative stress by biomarkers and enzyme immunoassay; hypoxia study effects; study of human myoglobin isoforms; the effects and physiopathological mechanisms of transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS), in health and disease; and the effects and the physiopathological mechanisms of deep brain stimulation (DBS) in movement disorders. Mrakic-Sposta published 36 papers in major international journals; patent industrial invention; and 3 chapters in a textbook.

Biography Updated on 15 April 2018

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