Nikolla Qafoku

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA


Dr. Qafoku [Geosciences Group, Energy and Environment Directorate, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)] graduated in 1998 from the University of Georgia (Athens, GA) finishing a double-degree program (M.S. in Applied Mathematics and Computer Sciences and Ph.D. in Environmental Soil Chemistry and Physics). He then worked as a postdoctoral research associate from 1999-2000 at the University of Georgia, and joined the PNNL in June of 2000 initially as a postdoctoral research associated. Since then, Dr. Qafoku has been promoted three times to the categories of research scientist and then senior research scientist level III and IV. Dr. Qafoku has more than 18 years of experience studying different aspect of elemental cycling in soils, and subsurface science and contaminant transport in heterogeneous natural systems, such as soils and sediments. He has designed and conducted numerous experiments to study nutrient, chemical elements, and contaminant fate and attenuation as a result of coupled hydrological processes and chemical reactions, such as adsorption/desorption, dissolution/precipitation and reduction/oxidation, which may simultaneously or sequentially occur within natural heterogeneous systems in terms of their mineralogical, chemical and physical properties of the solid phase. He has presented in many international and national conferences and has published many book chapters and papers (journal articles and conference proceedings) from his research work. He serves as an Adjunct Professor of the Environmental Sciences at the Washington State University (Pullman and Tri-Cities). He also serves as honorary professor at the Agricultural University of Tirana, Albania.

Biography Updated on 18 October 2012

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