Mina B. Abd-El-Malek

American University in Cairo, Egypt

Mina B. Abd-El-Malek was born in Alexandria, Egypt, on May 14, 1950. He obtained a B.S. degree from the Electrophysics Department, Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt, in June 1972; a B.S. degree in applied mathematics from the Faculty of Science, Alexandria University, in June 1974; and a Ph.D. degree in applied mathematics from Windsor University, Windsor, ON, Canada, in September 1981. Abd-El-Malek served as a Fellow at the University of Liverpool, England (January 1986), and Professor of applied mathematics in the Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University (January 1992). His fields of interest include fluid mechanics (free surface problems, water waves, and magnetohydrodynamics), biomechanics, acoustics (sound waves), heat and mass transfer (heat convection and heat conduction), environmental science (pollution in shallow lakes), and mathematical physics (nonlinear partial differential equations, integral equations, lie group, and Hilbert transform). Abd-El-Malek works as a Visiting Professor at The American University in Cairo, Egypt, since 1987. He is a Member of the Egyptian Scientific Council (L'Institut D'Egypte, established in 1798 by Napoleon Bonaparte) since March 2011. He is the recipient of the State Promotion Award in Engineering Sciences (1990 and 2000) and the Distinguished Recognition of First Rank of the State of Egypt (May 1995).

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