Giuliana Napolitano

Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, Italy


Giuliana Napolitano received a Ph.D. degree in genetics, in 2001, and a degree of summa cum laude in biological science, in 1998, both from the University of Naples Federico II, Naples, Italy. Since 2002, Napolitano has been working as a Researcher in genetics BIO/18 at DBSF at the same university. Napolitano’s research activities include the following: functional characterization of the role of TBP in transcriptional activation (1, 2); functional and biochemical characterization of the P‐TEFb complex as a specific cellular cofactor of HIV‐1 Tat protein; studies on the regulation of P‐TEFb activity in vivo by Hexim1/7SK complex; structural characterization of P‐TEFb complex nucleation in vivo (9-16); and functional and biochemical characterization of P‐TEFb role as cellular stress sensor.

Biography Updated on 29 December 2013

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