Jorge L. Jios

Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina


Jorge L. Jios received his Ph.D. degree from the Faculty of Exact Sciences at the La Plata University, Argentina, in 1996. He then conducted postdoctoral work at the Institute of Organic Chemistry, University of Hannover and acquired his specialty in spectroscopic elucidation of organic compounds by NMR. On his return to his country, he became a Professor and currently teaches courses in general chemistry and organic chemistry to undergraduate students and NMR spectroscopy courses to Ph.D. degree students. Jios has contributed to the development of research topics in the areas of organic chemistry, organic synthesis, spectroscopic elucidation, organometallic, and bioinorganic and structural chemistry. Jios maintains projects in collaboration with groups at the Hannover and der Ruhr Universities in NMR spectroscopy and bioorganometalic chemistry, respectively. He currently directs several doctoral theses at the Universidad Nacional de La Plata (Argentina). Jios has published over 30 scientific papers. His publications reflect his interest in the synthesis, structural elucidation and the study of organic compounds.

Biography Updated on 4 November 2012

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