Robert Triboulet

CNRS/GEMaC, France

Robert Triboulet was born on February 24th, 1937. Triboulet is an engineer of the Ecole Supérieure du Laboratoire, 1960 and Doctor of the Paris VI University, 1972. Triboulet's major research interests include semiconductors physics: growth and characterization of bulk crystals (Bridgman, THM, CVT, SSC, etc.) and thin layers of II-VI Compounds (LPE, MOCVD); semiconductors devices: IR detectors, laser windows, photorefractives, and X- and ɣ-ray CdTe detectors. Triboulet's research programs under contract include (i) CdZnTe growth by horizontal bridgman for substrates, (ii) growth by MOVPE of (Hg,Cd)Te layers on GaAs substrates for IR detectors, (iii) growth by THM and physical characterization of (Hg,Zn)Te crystals, (iv) investigation of (Hg,Zn)Te for IR Detectors, emission, and photonics, (v) Strain and composition modulated adaptive structures for the heteroepitaxy of (Cd,Hg)Te on GaAs, (vi) production of low-cost CdTe (and related alloys) epitaxial substrates by Cold THM, (vii) growth and doping of photorefractive CdTe, and (viii) semiconductor materials for IR detection. Triboulet has more than 300 research papers. Triboulet has 44 years of experience in the field of II-VI's, is responsible of a “national” program of MOVPE growth and study of Hg-based II-VI heterostructures, is the Director of the “French Scientific Group of Research on II-VI Compounds” (1992–1995), is the Main Coordinator of the “E-MRS II-VI European Network,” is a member of numerous international advisory committees, international steering committees, and program committees of international conferences and the Cochairman of about ten international conferences, and is a member of more than 100 thesis juries, in France and internationally. Triboulet obtained the 1990 Foucault Award of the Société Française de Physique. Triboulet has 10 patents. Triboulet is a Consultant from 1979 with SAT and then SAGEM SA and from 1997 with II-VI incorporated and 5N+ and is the Creator, as Project Coordinator, of the European Thematic Network entitled “Semiconductor Oxides for UV Optoelectronics, Surface Acoustics and Spintronics” (SOXESS), 2002–2005.

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