Massimo Pancione

University of Sannio, Italy


Massimo Pancione was born in 1974 in Benevento, Italy. Pancione received his B.S. degree in biological sciences from Sannio University in Benevento, Italy. In this period, he also completed his internship at Department of Biochemical Sciences, Federico II University, Naples, Italy, by studying the biochemical effects of the cAMP signaling on the promoter of the mouse retinol binding protein gene. He worked at Department of Pathology of the Fatebenefratelli Hospital in Benevento and Institute of food science CNR in Avellino, Italy, where he developed in situ hybridization techniques such as IHC and FISH to characterize cancer histotype and investigated molecular aspects of the immunological mechanisms underlying the celiac disease (mucosal inflammatory responses) on mice models. He spent a period as a visiting scientist at the CNIO, Madrid, Spain, and Utrecht University, Netherlands. He received his Ph.D. degree in molecular biology from Sannio University in Benevento, Italy, by working on the molecular mechanisms underlying colorectal cancer pathogenesis, with an emphasis on oncogenes and the function of tumor-suppressor genes. He provided the first mechanistic evidence that PPARG is epigenetically downregulated through new mediators (miR-130b) or UHRF1 as potential biomarkers of cancer progression. He identified biomarkers (NT5E/CD73) involved in the evasion of immune surveillance employing bioinformatic and translational pathology approaches and providing insight into genetic bases of CRC with rhabdoid features. Recently, he discovered novel genetic defects in components of the centrosome cohesion machinery providing the first mechanistic link between numerical/structural chromosome abnormalities and cancer aggressiveness and then supporting the Boveri-Sutton chromosome theory, proposed over 100 years ago. Consequent efforts in these fields may lead to pioneering concepts and paradigm shift from conventional diagnosis to personalized medicine.

Biography Updated on 26 May 2015

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