Sergio Vessella

Universitá di Firenze, Italy


Sergio Vessella was born in August 1955 and graduated from University of Pisa, Pisa, Italy, in December 1978. He received a CNR grant (06/1571979) in June 1982 and served as a CNR Researcher from December 1982 to July 1988. Vessella also worked as an associate professor from March 1988 to November 2001 and as a full professor since November 2001. He is interested in inverse problems (IP) for partial differential equations (PDE). In particular, Vessella has studied the stability issue in linear and nonlinear IP. In the period from 1979 to 1990 he studied especially linear problem. In 1991 he has written, with Prof. R. Gorenflo (Berlin University), a book on Abel integral equations published by Lecture Notes in Mathematics, Springer. Since 1990 he is interested in nonlinear IP for PDE. In particular he has studied IP for elliptic and parabolic equations with unknown boundaries or crack. His main coworkers on the just mentioned topics have been Prof. G. Alessandrini (University of Trieste), Prof. E. Beretta (University of Roma1), Dott. B. Canuto (University of Versailles), Dott. M. Di Cristo (Milan Politecnico), Prof. H. Engl (University of Linz), Prof. L. Escauriaza (University of Bilbao), Prof. E. Francini (University of Firenze), Prof. E. Malinnikova (University of Trondheim), Prof. A. Morassi (University of Udine) Prof. E. Rosset (University of Trieste), and Prof. V. Bacchelli (Milan Politecnico). In the last ten years Vessella has studied some problems of propagation of smallness for the continuation of analytic functions from a measurable set and quantitative estimates of unique continuation for elliptic and parabolic equations. He has visited the Universities of Berlin, Augsburg, Linz, Novosibirsk, Rutgers, Versailles, Bilbao, Trondheim, and Metz for collaboration with mathematicians of these universities. He has been invited as a Speaker in national and international meetings on IP: Postdam (1993), Osaka (1994), Linz (1994), Oberwolfach (1996), Gargnano (1998, 1999, 2001, and 2011), St. Petersbourgh, ISAAC-2001 in Berlin, Trieste (2001), Sophia Antipolis (2003), Fabes Lectures (2004), and Tunis (2002 and 2009).

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