Raffaele Lamanna

ENEA Research Centre, Italy

Raffaele Lamanna graduates in physics at University of Perugia in 1988. From 1988 to 1990, he attended a postgraduate course on physics of condensed matter at University of Perugia. In 1994, he completed his Ph.D. degree at University of Liegi (B). In this period, he studied the relaxation and diffusion properties of water and aqueous solutions, by low-resolution NMR, contributing to highlight the role of water hydrogen bond network in water anomalous properties and in its interaction with biological molecules. In 1995, he moved to Naples and then to Salerno as a Researcher at the National Institute for Physics of Matter (INFM). There, he started his activity on the application of high-resolution NMR in food science and NMR signal processing. Since 2001, he has been heading the NMR Laboratory of ENEA research center of Trisaia. His main research field is now the application of NMR techniques to the study of food-related materials. He studies NMR profiling methods for the authentication of foods, and for the assessment of packaging materials. In particular, the integrate information from chemical stability of foods in packaging, migration of substances between packaging and food, and stability of the packaging material after food contact, is used for a global assessment of food packaging. In addition, he works on the characterization of hydrogels for the controlled release of active substances in medicine and food science by traditional and diffusion based NMR techniques.

Biography Updated on 10 June 2012

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