Maria Rita Palombo

Sapienza Università di Roma, Italy

Maria Rita Palombo obtained her Ph.D. degree in 1970 in geological sciences at University of Rome “La Sapienza,” Rome, Italy. she is currently an Associated Professor in GEO/01 – Paleontology and Paleoecology at “Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra,” University of Rome “La Sapienza,” Rome, Italy. Palombo’s research focuses on biochronology, paleobiogeography, paleoecology, and evolution of Cenozoic mammals (mainly from Eurasia), as well as origin and evolutionary patterns of insular mammals, combining empirical and theoretical approaches across a broad range of scales. Palombo’s most recent paleoecological studies have the twofold aim of investigating the actual impact of climate changes on faunal evolution and mammal dispersal (including hominins) and scrutinizing whether changes over time in the structure of mammalian palaeocommunities were more greatly influenced by biotic interactions or by disturbances to the physical environment. Palombo’s areas of interest include the application of the evolutionary theory to studies of endemic fossil mammals and the generality of ecomorphological rules. Palombo has published 240 articles (89 listed in Scopus), and she is currently the Editor of special volumes of ISI scientific journals. Palombo is the Associate Fellow of CNR- IGAG, Member of “Centro di Ricerca per le Scienze Applicate alla Protezione dell’Ambiente e dei Beni Culturali” at University of Rome “La Sapienza,” Rome, Italy, INQUA Commissions “Human and Biosphere” and “Paleoclimate,” Editorial Boards: Quaternary International, Quaternaire, Integrative Zoology, Alpine and Mediterranean Quaternary, Italian Journal of Mediterranean Geology, Reviewer for Scientific International Projects; Reviewer for more than 30 ISI Journals, and the Scientific Consultant of National and International Scientific Institutions.

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