Miryan C. Cassanello

PINMATE, Dep. Industrias, FCEyN, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina

BACKGROUND 1987 BSc Chemistry (industrial orientation), Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina 1992 PhD Industrial Chemistry, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina 1992–1994 Post-doctoral stay, École Polytechnique Montréal, Dep. of Chemical Engineering, Canada 2005 Fulbright Visitor Scholar, CREL, Washington University, St. Louis, Mo. USA POSITION -Adjoint Professor, Universidad de Buenos Aires: Courses for the BsC in Chemistry and Food Science &Technology: Introduction to Industrial Chemistry, Chemical Reactor Design, Industrial and Food Biotechnology -Independent Researcher, CONICET (Nat. Council for Scientific and Technol. Research): PI Chemical Processes Group, PINMATE CONTRIBUTIONS: In the area of Multiphase Reactors, main contributions include development of experimental techniques and analysis methodology to determine important design parameters (holdup, axial dispersion, interfacial areas, flow regime transitions, transport coefficients, etc.). Particularly, implementation and improvements of non-invasive metrology techniques, like Radioactive Particle Tracking for analyzing the motion of condensed phases in multiphase contactors. Development of analysis procedures to get further insights from the measured trajectory and, in general, from any experimental time series acquired in multiphase systems. In addition, application of multiphase reactors (mainly trickle beds) in clean technologies and effluent remediation through advanced catalytic oxidation processes. In the area of fault diagnosis: industrial data analysis and development of tools for detection, identification and diagnostic of faults in industrial processes and multiphase systems. I have also worked in thermal conversion processes, on pyrolysis and gasification of coal and biomass and mixtures for energy and byproducts production.

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