Wlodzimierz Ogryczak

Warsaw University of Technology, Poland


Wlodzimierz Ogryczak received both his M.S. (1973) and Ph.D. (1983) degrees in mathematics from the University of Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland, and his D.S. degree (1997) in computer science from the Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland. Ogryczak served as a Visiting Professor at the Department of Operations Research and Multicriteria Decision Aid (Service de Mathématiques de la Gestion), Université Libre de Brussels, Brussels, Belgium (1994-1995). He works as a Professor of Optimization and Decision Support and Director of the Institute of Control and Computation Engineering (ICCE) at the Warsaw University of Technology, Warsaw, Poland. His research interests are focused on models, computer solutions, and interdisciplinary applications in the area of optimization and decision-making with the main stress on linear programming, multiple criteria optimization, decision support, decision-making under risk, portfolio optimization, location, distribution problems, and equity and fairness.

Biography Updated on 18 April 2018

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