Philippe Carbonniere

Université de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour, France

Philippe Carbonniere serves as an Associate Professor, is a university teacher at the Department of Chemistry, UPPA University in Pau, and works for his research at the Institut Pluridisciplinaire de Recherche sur l’Environnement et Materiaux (IPREM). Under supervision of Professor Claude Pouchan (UPPA University) he defended his Ph.D. study (in 2002) which focused on the development of methods for the time-independent treatment of the anharmonic vibrational problem. An important part of his Ph.D. study was oriented on methods aiming at lowering the computational cost of the limiting steps of the vibrational treatment with the minimum loss of accuracy. After achieving his Ph.D. degree, Carbonniere joined Professor Vincenzo Barone’s group in Naples (Italy) for two years as a Postdoc within a Gaussian project focused on the development and the implementation of the variational treatment of the vibration-rotation coupling and the elaboration of reliable “hybrid force fields.” In 2004, he got a position at the UPPA University as an Assistant Professor and extended his research subject to the development and implementation of time-dependant treatment of the anharmonic vibrational problem. More recently, he developed a global search algorithm of minima exploration on a potential energy surface for the investigation of structural properties of atomic and molecular clusters. In 2010, Carbonniere defended his habilitation thesis entitled “Methodological development and algorithms for the computation of structural and vibrational properties: molecules and clusters.” He was the Coordinator of the 36th International Congress of theoretical chemists of Latin expression (XXXVI Chitel).

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