Ying-Tai Wu

National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Ying-Tai Wu was born at Taipei, Taiwan, on June 17, 1953. She received her B.S. degree (1974) in physical therapy from National Taiwan University, Taiwan and the M.S. degree (1980) in physical therapy and the Ph.D. degree (1993) in exercise science from the University of Iowa, Iowa, USA. She has been holding a faculty position in the Department of Physical Therapy, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan, since 1986 and worked as a Clinician in Taiwan and the United States in the years while in school. She was very devoted in physical therapy professionalism and served as Chief Editor of the official journal of the Physical Therapy Association of Republic of China (PTAROC) for seven years, President of the PTAROC from 2011–2013 and currently is the President of the National Federation of Associations Physical Therapists, Taiwan. Wu has been running the laboratories of Clinical Exercise Physiology and Health-related Physical Fitness since 1998. Her research interest focuses on the related issues of cardiopulmonary physical therapy/rehabilitation and health promotion, mainly, lifestyle modification for people at risk of cardiometabolic diseases. As one of the pioneers of cardiopulmonary physical therapy and rehabilitation in Taiwan, she feels obligated to promote it and believes that physical therapy practice should be evidence-based and addressing contemporary health priorities. In addition to traditional scope of cardiopulmonary physical therapy, overweight/obesity, osteopenia/osteoporosis, and sarcopenia are the health problems of interest to study in her lab. She has published a series of clinical studies to provide evidence for the effects of exercise or physical activity in patients with coronary heart disease and heart failure, heart transplant recipients, subjects at risk of diabetes, and community-dwelling elderly. Further efforts are put to investigate the optimal program or dose response of exercise for different patient population.

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