Mario Vaneechoutte

Ghent University, Belgium


Mario Vaneechoutte (┬░Poperinge, Belgium, 21 July 1959), graduated in 1982 as a biologist at the Ghent University and earned his PhD in 1990 in microbiology at the same university. He was an assistent professor until 1997, when he was appointed as a professor at the Faculty of Medicine, Department of Microbiology, University Ghent. His main research is in the translational biomedical field and concerns the development of rapid molecular techniques for the detection, identification and quantification of bacterial and fungal species and the genotyping of bacterial strains. Since 1999, several collaborations with clinical services, mainly at the Ghent University Hospital have been started, basically regarding chronic infections which are difficult to treat with classic (antibiotic) treatment, such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa chronic colonization of cystic fibrosis patient airways, chronic otitis media, endodontic infections, and bacterial vaginosis. All of these infections have been shown to be related to biofilm formation by bacteria, for which realistic models are being developed at the LBR. A special interest also goes to bacteriophage therapy and antisense RNA therapy as possible alternatives to tackle (chronic) bacterial infections, currently untreatable by classic antibiotics.

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