Silvano Fares

Council for Agricultural Research and Economics, Italy


Silvano Fares graduated with full honors in forest sciences at the University of Tuscia, Viterbo, Italy. During his Ph.D. studies in forest ecology in the laboratories of the National Research Council (CNR-IBAF), Rome, Italy, supervised by Dr. Loreto, he investigated the effects of abiotic stress (temperature, drought, ozone) on plant ecophysiology and applied methods using dynamic systems (e.g., plant enclosures) for the measurement of gas exchange between plants and atmosphere. He masters the use of instruments to measure concentration of carbon and water (IRGAs), ozone and nitrogen oxides (UV and chemiluminescence-based detectors), and biogenic volatile organic compounds (PTRMS-GCMS). These specific skills were enhanced also thanks to international collaboration (University of Helsinki, Finland, Forschungszentrum, Germany) and to specialized courses (e.g., at the Licor scientific and IONICON analytic). During his Ph.D. degree, fluxes between plants and the atmosphere were investigated also in the field (Castelporziano, central Italy) at ecosystem level using micrometeorological techniques, in particular eddy covariance. During the 3.5-year postdoctoral research at the University of California, Berkeley, USA, in the trace-gas laboratory of Professor Goldstein, he led extensive field research in the Central Valley-Fresno and Sierra Nevada Mountains (California, USA) where he applied eddy covariance methods to study carbon and water dynamics, but also BVOC emission and ozone deposition in pine forests and citrus orchards. Currently, he is employed with a permanent position as a Researcher at the Agricultural Research Council, Research Center for Soil-Plant Interaction (CRA-RPS), Rome, Italy, where he leads the laboratory of ecophysiology and biometeorology, supervises the activity of Ph.D. students, and coordinates field campaign aimed at investigating gas exchanges between plant ecosystems and the atmosphere.

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