Thanh H. Dao

U.S. Horticultural Research Laboratory, USA

Thanh H. Dao reveived a Ph.D. degree from the University of Nebraska (1977); an M.S. degree (1974) and B.S. degree (1972) from the University of Maryland. Since 1982, he serves as a Research/Supervisory Soil Scientist at USDA-ARS. He served at the following professional associations: American Society Agronomy, Soil Science Society of America, Soil and Water Conservation Society, Weed Science Society of America, International Center for Agro-Informatics and Sustainable Development. He was a Fellow of American Society of Agronomy; Who's Who in Science and Engineering. He received USDA-ARS Certificates of Merit for Outstanding Research Performance, Superior Leadership, and Superior Research and Technology Transfer Achievements. He was a Lead Scientist at Projects Crop Residue Management Systems research (1983-1995); P chemistry, and developing analytical and management strategies to improve crop utilization of manure C, N, and P (1999-present). He has expertise in soil and environmental biochemistry; methodology and studies of trace organics, tillage systems, and land treatment of agricultural byproducts and animal wastes; environmental nutrient interactions, fate, and transport mechanisms and models; extracellular enzymes in sensing environmental nutrients, soil health, and ecosystem changes; spectroscopic soil sensing methodologies and precision management of nutrients, in particular, phosphorus. He contributed extensively to environmental chemistry of crop residue management systems for highly erodible lands in USDA Conservation Reserve Program, and sustainable agric research and education programs, developed in situ enzymatic fractionation method to assess management effects on P active and time-dependent pools to enhance predictive capability of nutrient mineralization and impacts of alternative management scenarios, and authored and coauthored over 115 referred journal articles and conference/symposia proceedings, and 11 book chapters.

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