Guofang Zhong

University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

Guofang Zhong received his Ph.D. degree in material science and engineering from University of Science and Technology, Beijing, China (1998). He served for two years on a key state project supported by the High Technology Research and Development Program of China. High power DC arc plasma jet apparatus was successfully developed for the deposition high quality CVD diamond (optical grade, freestanding). Then, he visited Philips Research Laboratories in Aachen, Germany as a Guest Scientist for two years, from 2000 to 2002. His main work there was related to applications of CVD diamond, especially medical soft X-ray windows using high-quality thin CVD diamond films. Since 2002, he has changed his interests to nanofibers/ nanotubes. Later, Zhong served as JSPS Research Fellow for two years and as a Visiting Lecturer for another two years in Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan, from 2002 to 2006. Zhong developed independently a remote plasma-assisted CVD process for growing high-quality, high-density, millimeter long and vertically aligned single-walled carbon nanotubes (VA-SWNTs). His research was also focused on the growth mechanisms. Since June 2006, he has been serving as a Research Associate in University of Cambridge, UK. Zhong has further developed a more general cold-wall thermal CVD process (without the need to use plasma and any etchant gases), which is more promising for large-scale production of VA-SWNTs and integration of SWNT onto devices. Zhong has slightly changed his interest from millimeter long nanotubes to ultra-high density nanotubes targeting their interconnect applications. By means of novel catalyst designs, ultra high- density single-walled nanotube (>1.5x10^13cm^-2) and high-density multi-walled nanotube (~10^12 cm^-2) forests could be obtained on Al2O3 support and metallic titanium coatings, respectively. Zhong is now more interested in CVD growth of graphenes as well as chirality control and applications of SWNTs.

Biography Updated on 7 June 2012

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