J. Sabine Becker

Research Centre Juelich, Germany

Sabine Becker, Prof. Dr. habil. , is currently the Head of the BrainMet (Bioimaging of Metals in Brain and Metallomics) Centre of Excellence of Central Division of Analytical Chemistry, Research Centre Juelich, Germany. She started her research carrier (after the Ph.D. degree in quantum chemistry at the University Leipzig in 1974 and Habilitation in “Development of Ultrasensitive Solid-State Mass Spectrometric Techniques,” at the University Leipzig in 1988) in Leipzig in solid state mass spectrometry. Dr. Becker has more than 35-year extensive experience in all fields of inorganic mass spectrometry (ICP-MS, SSMS, TIMS, LIMS, rf-GDMS, SIMS, SNMS, and LA-ICP-MS). Her present research activities are focused on development and application of highly sensitive methods for trace, surface, and isotope analysis in life science studies by ICP-MS and LA-ICPMS. She has pioneered imaging LA-ICP-MS for micro- and nanolocal analysis of metals for brain research (neurodegenerative diseases) combined to metallomics and is the Head of the BrainMet Centre of Excellence (Bioimaging of Metals in Brain and Metallomics, www.brainmet.com). She is the Author of the comprehensive handbook: Inorganic Mass Spectrometry: Principles and Applications, Wiley, 2007, of 330 scientific publications, of 24 patents, and of 680 lectures/posters (including numerous invited plenary and keynote lectures). She is an IUPAC Fellow and a Member of several Editorial/Advisory Boards of the Int. J. Mass Spectrom., J. Anal. At. Spectrom., Talanta, Metallomics, and others.

Biography Updated on 4 December 2011

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