Nikolai I. Chernov

University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA


Nikolai I. Chernov did his undergraduate studies at the Moscow State University, 1974–1979, then attained the Diploma degree in mathematics. He made his graduate studies at the Moscow State University (1979–1983). Chernov's Ph.D. Advisor was Dr. Ya. G. Sinai. The Ph.D. thesis title was "Ergodic and Entropy properties of billiard-type dynamical systems." His Ph.D. degree in mathematics was received in 1984. He worked as Research Scientist at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (Dubna, USSR) from 1983 to 1991, Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of California at Los Angeles in 1991-1992, Visiting Senior Research Scientist at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Ga, USA, in 1992-1993, Visiting Associate Professor at the Princeton University, Princeton, NJ, USA, in 1993-1994, Professor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, UK, since 1994, and a Member of the Institute for Advanced Studies (Princeton, NJ, USA) in 2002. Chernov's main area of expertise is dynamical systems. His secondary areas of expertise include statistical mechanics, probability, and statistics. In statistics he is specialized in image-processing algorithms and errors-in-variables regression analysis.

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