Metod Saniga

Astronomical Institute, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia

Metod Saniga received his M.A. degree from the Charles University, Prague, in 1983, and his Ph.D. degree from the Slovak Academy of Sciences in 1991. He has paid over 60 (mostly long-term and by invitation) professional visits to 32 foreign universities/institutions of Europe, Israel, Japan, and the USA, to work there as a Researcher. Together with his French and Czech collaborators, he made an important contribution to the field of quantum information theory by discovering (Hjelmlsev) geometry behind mutually unbiased bases, the geometry of the generalized quadrangle of order two and its Veldkamp space behind two-qubits, symplectic polar spaces of order two behind multiple qubits, and, with an Austrian colleague, the geometry of projective lines over modular rings behind the algebra of the generalized Pauli group of an arbitrary single qudit. As for pure mathematics, he has succeeded, again jointly with his international collaborators, in creating the first classification of projective lines over finite rings up to order 31, describing the structure of projective planes over the rings of Galois double numbers and shedding some light on the nature of geometries associated with free cyclic submodules generated by nonunimodular vectors of certain noncommutative rings of small order. he has published over 100 papers, and his current interests are centered on applications of finite geometries and related combinatorial structures in physics.

Biography Updated on 23 March 2011

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