H. U. Khan

Indian Institute of Petroleum, India

H. U. Khan did his M.S. degree in mathematics, his M.S. degree in chemistry, and his D.Phil. degree in chemistry, respectively, in 1970, 1974, and 1987. He has about 40 years of R&D experience in petroleum and polymer chemistry at CSIR-Indian Institute of Petroleum, Dehradun, India. He was superannuated in February 2009 as a Chief Scientist, and since December 2009, he has been working as an Emeritus Scientist-CSIR. He has worked in the area of polymer chemistry, wax rheology, and waste plastic utilization. His main achievements are developing a unique process (lab scale) for exclusive production of gasoline, diesel, or aromatics along with LPG from waste polyolefin, developing process (bench scale) for the production of various industrially important polymers such as crystal and impact grade PS and IPS (with and without elastomer), SAN, PMMA, and SMMA by free radical suspension polymerization and also a lab scale process for polyols to be used as polyurethane lacquers on leather substrate, and new insights and understanding developed for rheological behavior such as restorability characteristics, gel formation, and paraffin deposition in pipelines of waxy crude oils and its products. He also developed specialty waxes for industry and carried out development and performance evaluation of flow improver additives for crude oils, diesel, lubricating oil, and so forth, developed new methods/nomographs/mathematical correlations for determining/predicting the important properties of crude oil and its products, and also developed a methodology to find the key n-alkanes responsible for the adverse flow behavior exhibited by crude oil and its products, particularly, LOBS. He conducted market demand forecasting and assessment of petroleum products and petrochemicals like LAB grade n-paraffin’s, food grade hexane, SBP solvents, and so forth. He has authored 93 research papers published in national (12) and international (43) journals, and 38 of them were presented in international and national seminars/symposia.

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