Massimiliano Bianchi

Mapreg, France

Massimiliano Bianchi is the Director of the R&D Psychopharmacology Department at MAPREG “The Cytoskeleton Company.” He obtained the Ph.D. degree in psychopharmacology from the University of Nottingham, UK, and has been associated with the former Psychiatry CEDD of GSK for about six years. Bianchi’s research focuses on the involvement of cytoskeletal microtubule dynamics in the pathogenesis and treatment of depressive disorders. His work provided evidence that purported animal models of depressive disorders and treatment with different classes of antidepressant drugs affect brain microtubules composition, function, and dynamics. Bianchi joined MAPREG in 2009 to work on the hypothesis that modulation of MAP2 and microtubule dynamics can represent a new approach for the treatment of depressive disorders.

Biography Updated on 29 August 2012

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