Tibor Vellai

Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary

Tibor Vellai received a Ph.D. degree, ELTE, Faculty of Sciences, 1999 (P-185/1999; genetics) and a D.S. degree (HAS), 2011 (5028/2011; genetics). His was had postdoctoral employment in 1999–2004 at the Department of Biology, University of Fribourg, Switzerland (supervised by Fritz Müller). He had a docent competence from 2002ü2004, as an Assistant Professor, ELTE; from 2004ü2008, as an Associate Professor, ELTE. He has been serving since 2008 as a Habilitated Associate Professor (dr. habil) at ELTE. He serves currently as the Head of the Department of Genetics, ELTE. He taught some lectures and practical courses in genetics, genomics, developmental genetics, microbial genetics, molecular biology, and evolutionary biology. He is supervisor of diploma works: 42, supervisor of Ph.D. works: 12 (9 Ph.D. degrees). His research interests include genetics of cell death (apoptosis, autophagy, necrosis); ageing; regulation of development by Hox genes; tissue patterning; tumour suppressor proteins; sex determination and dosage compensation; genome evolution; genomics. He served as an Editorial Board Member for Zoological Research, BMC Developmental Biology, Autophagy, Scientifica; a Presidency Member of the Society of Hungarian Geneticists (MAGE); a Council Member of the Institute of Biology, Faculty of Sciences, ELTE; a Member of the Molecular and Cell Biology, Genetics Committee of the HAS; an Establishing Member of the Molecular and Classical Genetics PhD program, ELTE; a Committee Member of the Biology Ph.D. School, ELTE; Referee for OTKA grants and panel member, MOLBIOL jury.

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