Silvana Debernardi

Queen Mary University of London, United Kingdom

Silvana Debernardi graduated in biological science at the University of Milan in 1993 and started her scientific training in the Institute of Biomedical Technology of the National Research Council, where she worked with advanced automated instrumentation in order to characterize human genetic pathologies. In 1994, she joined as a Research Fellow the Sperimental Oncology Unit of the Institute of Tumours, Milan. Over three-year fellowship, she carried out a project aimed at the understanding of the molecular bases of the response to a cancer chemopreventive retinoid. In September 1997, Debernardi moved as Junior Postdoctoral Fellow to the Medical Oncology Centre of Cancer Research UK in London, in the group led by Professor Bryan Young working in the area of cancer genomics and epigenetic regulation in acute myeloid leukemias. There she gained a wide experience in high-throughput technologies for genome expression studies, such as microarray and real-time PCR on arrays, and in analysis and interpretation of large gene expression datasets. In 2005, she obtained her Ph.D. degree. As Coinvestigator in the program grant within the Cancer Genomic Group (from 2006 to 2011), Dr. Debernardi developed her own research in the area of gene expression regulation by microRNAs, which led to two peer-reviewed publications. She is currently investigating novel tumor-associated small noncoding RNA species in leukemia patients with the use of next generation sequencing technology (Illumina GAII).

Biography Updated on 8 September 2011

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