Shaikha Salim Al Arrayed

Salmaniya medical complex, Bahrain

Shaikha Al Arrayed received M.B.Ch.B., D.H.C.G., and Ph.D. degrees from Aberdeen University, Aberdeen, UK. She has been the Head of the National Committee for Control of Hereditary Diseases, Ministry of Health, Bahrain, since 1993; a Consultant Clinical Geneticist and the Head of Genetic Department, Salmaniya Medical Complex, since 1994; and the Director of Gulf Genetic Center since 2002. She has been the Chairperson of the Steering Committee of Eastern Mediterranean Health Genomic and Biotechnology Network in the Islamic countries since 2004, a Member of WHO Expert Advisory Panel on Human Genetics since 2002, and a Member of the Centre for Arab Genomic Studies Council. She is also a Member of the Human Genome organization, London, UK, the American Society of Human Genetics, the American College of Medical Genetics, the European Society of Human Genetics, World Health Organization, Hereditary Disease Working Group, Genetic Committee of the Arab Health Ministers Council, and the Genetic Committee of the GCC Health Ministers Council. She organized and directed several national projects including establishment of the Cytogenetic Laboratory at SMC 1999 and 2001; premarital counseling services in the Ministry of Health since 1993; student screening for Genetic Blood Diseases project since 1999; New Born Screening project since 2007. She has more than 50 publications in national and international journals, 6 health educational booklets, and 2 books.

Biography Updated on 26 July 2009

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