Claudio Colombo

Università del Molise, Italy

Claudio Colombo serves as a Full Professor of soil science, Faculty of Agronomy of University of Campobasso. He is graduated in agronomy science in 1986 from University of Naples. He received a Ph.D. degree (apto cum laude) in soil science (1990-1993) from the University of Cordoba (Spain). He serves as a Research Soil Scientists at Naples University from 1993 to 1998, an Associated Professor of soil chemistry from the University of Campobasso (1998-2005). His research activities include characterization and surface of soil minerals with particular emphasis on the iron and aluminum oxides. Research involves the use of advanced spectroscopic (FT-IR, DRS) and microscopic analytical instruments (TEM, SEM, AFM) in environmental soil chemistry; trace metal chemistry in soils; study of the adsorption of DNA on organomineral complexes particles; actual research focused on spatial distribution of soil properties by using diffuse spectral reflectance (DSR) measurements; sorption and desorption kinetics and mechanisms of contaminants and nutrients in soils and soil minerals; supervising students for 5 M.S. degrees and 3 Ph.D. degrees and 30 graduate students. His direct activities include coordination of M.S. degrees in animal production and sustainable agricultural development with UCU (Universidad de Concepcion del Uruguay-Argentina); coordination of summer scholarship on soil science with Spanish Universities (Santiago de Compostella, Cordoba, Seville). He served as a Member of the National Pedological Observatory and for the Soil Quality of the Italian Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policies in 2007. Since 2008, he serves as a Secretary Deputy of the SISS Italian Soil Science Society (SISS) and a Member of the Directive Commission of the Italian Pedology Society (SIPe). He is author of 7 chapters in books, 21 articles published in international scientific journals (ISI), H-Index 10 (Web of Science), and 10 research grants and contracts from Italian Government (MIUR, MIPAf).

Biography Updated on 2 May 2011