Arafa I. Hamed

Aswan Faculty of Science, Egypt

Maldini M, Montora P, Hamed A, Mahalel UA, Stochmal A, Oleszek W, & Piacente S (2011). Strong antioxidant phenolics from Acacia nilotica: profiling by ESI-MS and quali-quantitative determination by LC-ESI-MS. J. Pharm. and Biomed. Anal., 56 (2), 228. Hamed A, Masullo M, Sheded MG, Mahalel UA, Tawfik MM, Perrone A & Piacente S (2011). Triterpene saponins from the root of Salsola imbricata Forssk. subsp. imbricata. Phytoch. Lett., 4 (3), 353. Oleszek W & Hamed A (2010). Saponin-Based Surfactants, Chapter 12 (cited in Surfactants from Renewable Resources). Edited by Mikael Kjellin & Ingegärd Johansson, Printed by JOHN WILEY & SONS LTd Publication, Printed and bound in Great Britain by Antony Rowe Ltd., Chippenham, Wiltshire. Piacente S, Masullo M, De Nève N, Dewelle J, Hamed A, Kiss R & Mijatovic T (2009). Cardenolides from Pergularia tomentosa display cytotoxic activity resulting from their potent inhibition of Na+/K+-ATPase. J. Nat. Prod., 72 (6), 1087. Perrone A, Plaza A, Hamed A, Pizza C & Piacente S (2008). Solenostemma argel: A rich source of very unusual pregnane and 14,15-secopregnane glycosides with antiproliferative activity, Curr.Org. Chem., 12 (18), 1648. Perrone A, Masullo M, Bassarello C, Bloise E, Hamed A Nigro P, Pizza C and Piacente S (2008). Unusual cycloartane glycosides from Astragalus eremophilus. Tetrah., 64 (22), 5061. Hamed A, Plaza A, Balestrieri ML, Mahalel UA, Springuel I, Oleszek W, Pizza C & Piacente S (2006). Cardenolide glycosides from Pergularia tomentosa and their proapoptotic activity in Kaposi’s sarcoma cells. J. Nat. Prod., 69 (9), 1319. Hamed A, Piacente S, Autore G, Marzocco S, Pizza C & Oleszek W (2005). Antiproliferative hopane and oleanane glycosides from roots of Glinus lotoides L., Planta Medica, 71 (6), 554. Hamed A; Oleszek W; Stochmal A; Pizza C & Piacente S (2004). Steroidal saponins from the aerial parts of Tribulus pentandrus Forssk., Phytochem., 65, 2935.

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