Scott A. Lear

Simon Fraser University, Canada


Scott A. Lear is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Health Sciences at Simon Fraser University and holds the Pfizer/Heart and Stroke Foundation Chair in Cardiovascular Prevention Research at St. Paul's Hospital. He completed his Ph.D. degree in pathology and laboratory medicine at the University of British Columbia, BC, Canada. His current projects include the multicultural community health assessment trial (M-CHAT) which is an ongoing investigation to identify the role of ethnic background in risk for obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Using imaging techniques, the M-CHAT study reported that Chinese and South Asian men and women have greater amounts of visceral adipose tissue (VAT) than Europeans, even at the same body fat. We have also reported that VAT is independently associated with carotid atherosclerosis and the increased VAT in South Asians accounts for the elevated cardiometabolic risk in this population. Future work will investigate the longitudinal changes in body fat distribution in these ethnic groups as well as genetic and sociocultural differences. His research also consists of the identification of environmental characteristics that may act as facilitators and barriers of healthy lifestyles (the so-called built environment). Working with investigators of the prospective urban rural epidemiologic (PURE) study, Dr. Lear will look at how one’s community can influence lifestyle behaviors and obesity and subsequently cardiometabolic risk. Dr. Lear leads the British Columbia Alliance for Telehealth Policy and Research to develop Internet-based solutions for chronic disease management. To date, a virtual cardiac rehabilitation program, a virtual heart failure clinic, and a multichronic disease platform have been successfully evaluated and are undergoing large randomized trials. Together, these projects will translate into effective prevention and management policies and programs for obesity and cardiometabolic risk.

Biography Updated on 18 March 2012

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