Manfred Maier

Medical University of Vienna, Austria

Manfred Maier started his vocational training to become a general practitioner, after completion of his basic medical education at the Medical faculty in Vienna in 1975. Since being licensed in 1979, he works as a GP in his free time together with his wife Elisabeth in her health care practice. Dr. Maier started his research activities during his vocational training, where he conducted clinical studies. He joined the Medical Faculty in Vienna in 1979 and spent a postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard Medical School in Boston, where he conducted experimental studies in the field of renal hemodynamics using methods from biochemistry, immunology, physiology, and molecular biology. In 1990, he was elected head of the newly formed special unit for General Practice at the Medical Faculty in Vienna. Since then, he has developed a network of more than 80 GP practices which participate in teaching and research in the field of GP and has put special emphasis on staff development. The institution became an independent department in 2001 and Dr. Maier was appointed Professor and Chairman in 2004; in the same year, the Department of General Practice together with 6 other Departments formed the new Center for Public Health at the Medical University of Vienna which Dr. Maier heads since then. His current research initiatives concentrate on registration of morbidity in Austria, development and evaluation of diagnostic and therapeutic methods useful in primary care and on evaluation and quality improvement of basic, vocational and continuing medical education in Austria. Dr. Maier is a member of several teaching and research organizations of WONCA and the European Society for General Practice/Family Medicine such as the EGPRN or EURACT and has been the Chairman of the scientific committee of the European conference WONCA 2000 in Vienna. Following that conference, Dr. Maier together with Dr. Lotte Newman from the UK founded the WONCA working group on ethical issues.

Biography Updated on 12 January 2010

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