Saeed Saber-Samandari

The University of Melbourne, Australia

Saeed Saber-Samandari has integrated his strong background in mechanical engineering to the interdisciplinary science of materials engineering. He has modeled, tested, and numerically analyzed many engineering materials with a special focus on biomaterials and advanced materials, since 2004, when he commenced his M.Eng. degree at the University of Melbourne, Australia. His Ph.D. studies at the University of Melbourne (2006–2008) on measuring the mechanical properties at the nano- and microscales concentrated on the biomaterial hydroxyapatite. This body of work remains as one of the most comprehensive of its kind in a global context. The experience gained in this field led to a Postdoctoral Research Fellow position being awarded to him by Swinburne University of Technology in September 2008. Morover, he has made outstanding contributions to a range of interdisciplinary problems in biomedical implant coatings. The unifying theme in his research career is the use of experimental studies to describe and explain the intrinsic mechanical properties of calcium phosphate-based coatings. His most significant achievements lie in the related areas of thermal spraying and nanoindentation: producing microsized solidified droplets for solving large-scale coating problems and measuring the mechanical properties at the nano- and microscale.

Biography Updated on 30 April 2012

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