Timon Cheng-Yi Liu

Laboratory of Laser Sports Medicine;College of Sports Sciences;South China Normal University;Key Laboratory of Laser Life Science;South China Normal University;Ministry of Education, China


Timon Chengyi Liu is a Fellow of the American Society for Lasers in Surgery and Medicine (ASLMS) and Director of Laboratory of Laser Sports Medicine (LLSM) as well as South China Normal University (SCNU) (Guangzhou, China). He graduated with a B.S. degree in physical chemistry in Nanjing University in 1983 and received the M.S. degree in quantum chemistry from Jilin University, China in 1986 as well as the Ph.D. degree in laser technology from Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST) in 1993. He worked as an Assistant in physical chemistry at HUST (1986?1988), a Postdoctoral of biophotonics at SCNU (1993?1995), an Associate Professor of biochemistry at Biological Department in SCNU (1995?1997) and then in light propagation at the Laboratory of Light Transmission Optics (LLTO) at SCNU (1998-1999), a Professor in light propagation at LLTO in SCNU (1999?2002) and then in laser sports medicine at LLSM (2003-), and a Visiting Professor in physical education at the Department of Science Hong Kong Institute of Education (2002-2003). His main interests fall in the cellular understanding of photobiomodulation (PBM) and function-specific homeostasis (FSH) and its applications in biomedicine, sports science, and rehabilitation medicine.

Biography Updated on 2 May 2011

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