Luca Massotti

The European Space Agency, The Netherlands

Present Activities as Rhea System SA consultant at ESA-ESTEC – EOP-SFP (Science Future Project division). Pre-Phase A studies concerning post-GOCE mission: ? Laser Interferometry High Precision Tracking for LEO; ? System Support to Laser Interferometry Tracking Technology Development for Gravity Field Monitoring; ? Assessment of a Next Generation Gravity Mission for Monitoring the Variations of Earth’s Gravity. Support to PEPS (post Earth Polar System) Phase 0. Support to the Phase A of BIOMASS, one of the three Earth Explorer Core mission candidate, and parallel system study, so called "Modern attitude control of Earth Observation satellites with large flexible elements". Direct characterization of mini-RIT (Ion Thruster) performance using the Nanobalance. Research Interests: Aircraft & Satellite modelling and simulation, Nonlinear and Adaptive control design, Artificial Intelligence techniques (Neural Networks), Nanobalancing, AOCS, Drag Free and Attitude Control for scientific satellites.

Biography Updated on 29 June 2012

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