Alan W. Gertler

Desert Research Institute, USA


Alan W. Gertler is the Senior Director of DRI’s Clean Technologies and Renewable Energy Center and a Research Professor in the Division of Atmospheric Sciences. His research includes both laboratory and field studies of atmospheric chemistry with particular emphasis on the impact of mobile sources on the environment. Dr. Gertler’s research has also included characterization of factors affecting the rate and mechanism of SO2 and NOx oxidation in the atmosphere, wet and dry deposition processes, studies of chemical processes leading to "gas-to-particle" conversion, the effects of acids and their precursors on materials, fog and cloud droplet characterization, trace analysis of pollutants in air and water samples, and development of quality assurance procedures to ensure accuracy of wet and dry deposition data. In addition, he has investigated discrepancies between observed and predicted automotive emission factors. His current research includes measurements and characterization of emissions from mobile sources, development of and implementation of renewable energy systems, development of new methods to attribute observed PM levels to specific sources, evaluating the magnitude and sources of atmospheric deposition, source apportionment and urban air qualities studies in the developing world, and the use and impact of alternative fuels for transportation and power generation. Dr. Gertler is also the recipient of the “Hope for the Future of a Sustainable World 2001” Award from the International Union of Air Pollution Prevention & Environmental Protection Agencies and the International Academy of Science. He received a B.S. degree in Chemistry from SUNY Albany in 1974 and a Ph.D. degree in physical chemistry from UCLA in 1979.

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