Ivar S. Nordrum

Norwegian University of Science and Technology - NTNU, Norway


Ivar S. Nordrum was born in Norway in 1953. He was Professor in forensic medicine at NTNU, Senior Consultant in surgical pathology at St. Olavs Hospital, University Hospital of Trondheim, and Member of the Norwegian Forensic Commission. He obtained the M.D., Ph.D. degrees and is a certified surgical pathologist. He taught general and systemic pathology, forensic pathology, and legal medicine in the medical curriculum (100 teaching hours in an academic year), in addition to teaching students from high schools and different postgraduate groups. He was nominated to the Best Teacher Award at the Faculty of Medicine, NTNU in 2008. The Department of Morphology (six professors) was awarded the SINTEF Price for Outstanding Teaching by NTNU in 2007 for the Course in General Pathology. The course was initiated and drafted by Nordrum when the curriculum was revised in 2003. The Telenor Nordic Research Prize 1999 was awarded to "the Telepathology Group” (Tor J. Eide, Bjørn Engum, Nordrum, Birger J. Nymo and Eivind Rinde). Since 2010, Nordrum has been a Member of National Board in the Association of Physicians in Academic Positions. Since 2009, he has been Head of the Teaching Group in Surgical Pathology and Forensic Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, NTNU. During 2007-2013, he will be a Member of the National Disaster Victim Identification Team. In 2003-2007, he was the Main spokesman for the Association of Physicians in Academic Positions at the Faculty of Medicine, NTNU. In 2003-2006, he was the Head of the Unit of Morphology, Faculty of Medicine, NTNU, Head of the Quality Assurance Committee in the Norwegian Association of Pathology in 2002-2003, the Head of the SNOMED Committee in the Norwegian Association of Pathology in 2000-2003, and the Vice Chairman of the Norwegian Association of Pathology in 1998-1999 and 2000-2001.

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