Geoff Faulkner

Mater Medical Research Institute, Australia

Geoff Faulkner is a Senior Research Fellow and Head of the Genome Plasticity and Disease Group, Mater Medical Research Institute, Australia. His research seeks to elucidate functions for retrotransposons and pseudogenes, regions of the genome previously described as "junk DNA" but increasingly viewed as important factors in human biology and disease. Dr. Faulkner began his research career in 2002 as an undergraduate working at Professor David Hume’s Laboratory, The University of Queensland (UQ), Brisbane, QLD, Australia. He went on to first complete a B.S. degree with first class honors (2004) and then a computational biology Ph.D. degree (2008) working with Professor Sean Grimmond at the Institute for Molecular Bioscience, UQ. After a brief period as a research officer he was awarded a CJ Martin NHMRC Overseas Biomedical Training Fellowship in 2009. With this funding he established an independent laboratory at the Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK, and relocated to Australia in early 2012. Over the course of his career, Dr. Faulkner has published 23 peer-reviewed articles (more than 2,700 citations, h-index 17), the majority in top-tier journals, and received grant funding totalling $2.5M. He recently published a landmark work in Nature describing somatic retrotransposition in the human brain that was selected by the US National Institute of Mental Health as the "joint No. 1 research advance of 2011." He is a senior invited Member of the Functional Annotation of Mammal (FANTOM) consortium, was awarded an ASMR Queensland Premier’s Award in 2009, and was presented the FEBS Anniversary Prize in 2011 for "outstanding achievement in the field of Molecular Biology."

Biography Updated on 24 September 2012

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