Wei Shi

National Energy Technology Laboratory, URS, USA

Wei Shi received a Ph.D. degree in chemical engineering at the University of Pittsburgh, Chemical and Petroleum Engineering (2003); the M.S. degree in chemical engineering at East China University of Science and Technology, Chemical Engineering, China (1996); the B.S. degree in chemical engineering and coal chemistry at East China University of Science and Technology, Chemical Engineering specializing in coal chemistry and engineering, China (1993). Shi is a Research Engineer/Scientist at the National Energy Technology Laboratory/URS Corporation and an Adjunct Professor at the Chemical Engineering Department, University of Pittsburgh, Pa, USA. Her research interests include atomistic level of molecular dynamics and Monet Carlo simulations of simple molecular and complex condensed fluids, the interface between different systems at the nanoscale. Her research also partly involves the ab initio quantum mechanic calculations for the gas phase and condensed phase simulations for systems which involves chemical reactions and nonchemical type of interactions between different types of molecules. Basically, her group are interested to understand the structure-property relationship for different kinds of materials at the atomistic level and apply the relationship to functionalize or modify materials for specific applications in energy and environment fields. Shi's research includes both applying simulation technologies for practical applications and developing advanced simulations methods.

Biography Updated on 7 December 2011

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