Jennifer Wen

Kingston University, United Kingdom

Jennifer Wen obtained her Ph.D. degree from Queen Mary College University of London. Since then, she has worked at Computational Dynamics Limited, the Gas Research Centre of British Gas plc and South Bank University before joining Kingston University in 1998. She established and currently leads the Centre for Fire and Explosion Studies at Kingston University (KU-CFES) which receives substantial funding from EPSRC, the European Commission, industry and overseas governments. Professor Wen’s mathematical modeling experience covers traditional CFD based on Reynolds-Averaged Navier-Stokes (RANS) approach as well as LES and Direct Numerical Simulation (DNS). A major theme of her work is the development of advanced submodels for the underlying physical and chemical processes in fire and explosions in which she has coauthored over 100 technical papers. Apart from EPSRC and the European Commission, her work has been supported by a number of major industrial and government sponsors. Her current research activities include CFD modeling of buoyant fire plumes and liquid pool fires; radiative heat transfer in fires; flame spread; mathematical modeling of the response of glazing systems in fire; watermist and micromist for the suppression of fire and explosions; numerical modeling of vapour cloud or hydrogen explosion; deflagration to detonation transition; very high pressure hydrogen jets and jet flames; numerical modeling of hydrogen jet flame impingement and the resulting effect on cylinders; storage vessels; mathematical analysis of liquid hydrogen spill; mathematical modeling of smoke and toxic gas dispersion; mathematical modeling pipeline decompression, near-field expansion, and far-field dispersion.

Biography Updated on 16 February 2011

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